Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pain, pain, go away!

When I was in braces, my orthodontist gave me wax to smooth over the rough, abrasive brackets, thereby easing the pain of my cheeks being scraped. I never used it. I guess I figured the sooner my cheeks became used to the pain, the sooner the pain would ease.

Every runner knows that running is painful, some days more than others. And for me, this early in my training, it's most definitely not easy. However, tonight, while I was making my way around my very hilly neighborhood, I just kept pushing, knowing the sooner I get in shape, the sooner the pain will ease. Three miles later, I have a rather nice sense of accomplishment. I even managed some speed work at the end of the run, which has always been my favorite part of running, that elongation of stride, the powerful pump of the arm. Did it hurt once I stopped? Hell's bells, yes. Was it worth it? Like getting your braces off, the pain is always worth it.


  1. I was going through my email, and for some bizarre reason your blog announcement suddenly appeared (days late I think)! So, I had to come see! :-) Well done on the running! I've added you to my blog reading list.

    Twocats (Mhari)

  2. I'm following yours, now join the family's blog... HOGANNNN!